Floyd Raines – Associate Member/Historian/Webmaster

 I am a Holliday native and attended Holliday school for 12 years, graduating in 1964.  After graduation, I joined the US Navy, traveled the world and retired in 1989.  At that time I returned home to Holliday and went into the oil business with my dad, Floyd, Sr.  Also after retirement, I completed my college at MSU in 1995. 

I later became interested in the Holliday Cemetery because I had so many relatives and friends there.  I decided to write a book on the Cemetery and began taking photos of every headstone and then organizing them.  It quickly became apparent that this would not be an easy task and ended up taking several years to complete.

It was very important for me to ensure that my book provide a means for someone to locate a loved one buried there.  To do this, I borrowed a map from Don Ruth and used my computer to overlay a grid that allowed me to assign a lot/space number for everyone.  At this point, I knew I needed an aerial photo of the Cemetery to ensure that I was as accurate as possible with these number assignments.  Joyce Wadsworth got me in touch with Brandon Ayers who agreed to fly my grandson Anthony Shorty over the Cemetery to take photos.  This was the key that allowed me to complete the book.  The book was finally published in late 2007.

Now as the creator/webmaster of this website, I hope that everyone will be able to find useful information here.  It is my goal to maintain accurate and complete records for the citizens of Holliday and those who have loved ones buried here.

Thank you,

Floyd Raines

For information or questions regarding this website and it's contents, please contact Floyd Raines, Jr. at 940-867-9101 or by email at muddman53@sw.rr.com.