The original tract of land was sold to the Holliday Cemetery Association for $56.66 cash and two promisary notes of $66.66 each plus 9% interest for two years by G. P. Meade on June 25, 1892.

There were five burials that have been documented for 1892.  It is unknown which burial was actually first but Jack Lofton stated in his book “Complete Cemetery Census of Archer County, Texas” published in 1994 that Mary A. McElwreath was the first person buried in the cemetery.  According to her headstone, she died on June 3, 1892.

Ronnie Lee Mauldin died on May 4, 1892 according to records and should be the first burial in the cemetery but his location is unknown.   Also, we know that Harvey McConkey was also buried in 1892 but we don’t know the exact date as his headstone only shows the year.