The Holliday, Texas Cemetery is located just north of US Hwy 82/277 as you enter town from the east.   The Cemetery is privately owned by the Holliday Cemetery Association.

Initially it appears, that there was little thought given to the placement of the graves, even up through the 1950’s/1960’s or later.  Gravesites do not necessarily follow any pre-planned Section/Lot format and are often randomly placed.  This sometimes makes it very difficult to precisely pinpoint the exact burial location of the occupants.

In the later years, someone took the time and effort to organize some sections for reference of the grave locations.  However, this effort did not include going back in time to the older sections of the Cemetery and only included the newer sections.  Even then, oddly enough, the numbering scheme assigned to the newly numbered Sections/Lots began at number 174, skipped a few numbers here and there throughout the cemetery and stopped after the newest locations had been numbered, including the fence row on the West side of the cemetery.

In an effort to be consistent with the Section/Lot assignments of 20ft x 20ft sections and 3 foot walkways, a computer was used to overlay a grid of Section/Lots over the original map.  This allowed a rough assignment of all burial sites with a Section/Lot number. Please keep in mind, that in the older sections of the Cemetery, the existing burials could often be found out of the boundaries of the Section/Lots and quite often between Sections or completely off of the grid.  The best that could be hoped for was to assign a Section/Lot Number that was in the near vicinity of the grave.  This at least would allow a loved one to look at the number and get “in the neighborhood” of the actual gravesite's location.

Every attempt was made to follow the existing numbering scheme currently in place and on the newer maps created by Don Ruth.  New numbers were assigned for sections not previously numbered to allow easy location of older burial spots.

The book "Holliday Cemetery" contains a map and location numbers to aid in the location of specific gravesites.